By total chance, I believed one day that
I saw some kind of skull under the skate-deck I was board sliding with. Actually, it was just a mistake of my mind, there was nothing clearly drawn, only these usual scratches due to the slides. Later, I've started from this memorie, to create a more obvious skull, with the help of some adhesif tapes under the deck, working as
a stencil.

Exhibited by "Art by friends" in:
Le palais de l'Isle", Annecy (FR), 2012.
L'Abbaye de Talloires",  (FR) 2013.


Blue and white pills stoked on a grey painted deck. This board symbolizes how dependant I am with skateboarding. I need  to skate almost everyday.

Exhibited by "Art by friends" in "L'appart du 17", Annecy (FR) 2010.


Filmed by Arnaud Belligoi, late night in Paris (FR).
Edited by myself.

Photographies are by Laurianne Conesa.


Heavenly blue paint on wood.
Real antlers painted in white
(firmly fixed as I could).

Exhibited by "Art by friends" in:
Le palais de l'Isle", Annecy (FR) 2011.
L'Abbaye de Talloires",  (FR) 2013.

Flyer of the
Art by friends  -
2011 exhibition",
by Jimbo Barbu.

Flyer of the
Art by friends 5th anniversary" exhibition, by Jean Morte.

Photographies of the
Art by friends -
2013 exhibition",
by  Jimbo Barbu. Located in "Le palais de l'Isle", Annecy (FR).

Camille Regnaudin, organizer of great events "Art by friends".

View of the "Art by friends
5th anniversary - 2013 exhibition",
in "
L'Abbaye de Talloires",  (FR).

Photographies are by Laurianne Conesa.


Stockings covering the board.

Exhibited by "Art by friends
in "
Le palais de l'Isle".

Annecy (FR), 2011.


Skateboards are naturally a medium that I like to explore, given to the fact I literally grew up
on it.

The market can be compared to a tree, especially in the fashion world.
I decided to create at first, a tree representing the Spring season, with green leafs and blue sky.

Then I made another one, with white, yellow and reddish
stickers, faithfully to the Fall season.

Exhibited by "Art by friends" and "Chez Beng"
in "
White and Art Gallery Brussels", (BE) 2014.


I stuck many cool stickers of the most influentials brands, from the little skateboarding world, on a nude skate-deck. Then I cut the silouhette of a tree out of it. Each stickers have been placed according to the importance of the brand in the market at a given time, and according to its color and form as well.

Photographies are by Laurianne Conesa.


Printed black and white photography on a skate-deck.

Exhibited and produced via "C.Rob's creating"
in "
Le B.A b'art", Chambéry (FR) 2013.


Concrete on board.

Exhibited by "Art by friends" in:
"Le palais de l'Isle", Annecy (FR) 2013.