Skateboarders leave traces everywhere their go, simply by fact of rolling on different kind of dirty surfaces. Each sort of movement they do create a particular mark on the textured ground/wall. Its shapes can be more or less random, depending on the direction the skater takes.

According to this observation, I tried to reveal these involontary fruit of practice, by giving my skating particular and volontary directions, on choosen surfaces, creating geometric visuals with the help of some rubber tape. Here are some results of my explorations and experiences.

Lenght: 0'34 min.

Skateboarder: Julien Paccard

Soundtrack: "Bahu-Rang", by Ravi Shankar

2013, Bellegarde (FR)


By a cold and boring afternoon of winter, I had the idea of experimenting this thing I had in my spirit since years. Wallriding was one of my dream when I started skateboarding. It looked almost impossible, but so gnarly. Slowly, it became a trick I mastered, and I liked it as well because of the traces it leaves. These marks can sometimes have the effect that gives a cloud, where each person can guess something through its form. That's why I wanted to make this parallel aspect  more obvious, by really drawing something, with the help of some adhesive tapes. The triangle is
  naturally the first form I wanted to create,
         because it's a very recognizable form.

              Wallride four wheels,

                  wallride nollie


I decided to  film myself making Traces, with my camera on a tripod, and always keep this guideline for the next ones...


Following "Triangle", Barbar skateboards company (Berlin) contacted me
to create on the same principle, a
Trace for them. We made some kind of pattern, where it is barely possible to read the name of the company. This time, I've used a DIY spot I previously built with friends, and some black paint on the runway, to roll on a larger surface.


Lenght: 0'47 min.

Skateboarder: Julien Paccard

Soundtrack: "Kaharwa ", by Ravi Shankar

2013, Bellegarde (FR)

Lenght: 1'00 min.

Skateboarder: Julien Paccard

Soundtrack: "Dispute and violence ",
by Ravi Shankar

2017, Annecy (FR)