Above are shown different steps of the usual process: receiving color proofs from the NYC art directors, converting the same files to EU printing standards, comparing and adjusting the visual results of this manipulation, getting the approval from the client to then start using this material for many different projects.

Mainly in charge of the execution for all european coordinated seasonal POS (duratrans, in-store material), large formats (brandblock windows), lux brochures, invites and email communications, visual retouching, color calibration, soft proofing. 
Emailers and invitation cards designed/adapted for all sub-brands, also translated in many different languages.
Also in charge of creating video animations for various clients and supports. As well adapting video campaign for various kind of screens.
We received briefs, images and specifications from the NYC teams, in order to adapt those visuals for every campaigns/brands to every supports, through European markets.
Large format layouts designed in order to advertise the different segments of the brand. The result is: hoardings, clients windows, subway posters, etc. 
Here are adaptations of the same campaign. Installed in different European cities, on different supports, with different languages and different formats. For the same target.
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