By a cold and boring afternoon of winter, I had the idea of experimenting this thing I had in mind since years. "Wallriding" was one of my dreams when I started skateboarding. It looked almost impossible, but so gnarly to do. Slowly, it became a trick I mastered. I also liked the traces it leaves against surfaces. These marks can sometimes have the effect that a cloud can give, where each person is able to guess something through its form. That's why I wanted to make this parallel more obvious, by really drawing something, with the help of some adhesive tapes. The triangle is naturally the first form I wanted to create, because it's a very recognisable form.

Following the "Triangle", Barbar skateboards company (Berlin) contacted me to create on the same principle, a "Trace" work for them. We made some kind of pattern, where it is barely possible to read the name of the company. This time, I've skated a DIY spot built with friends, and some black paint on the runway, to roll on a larger surface.

This time, my idea was to jump and roll on a flat surface in order to create vertical and horizontal traces. The result gives the illusion of an impossible form in nature. The opposite directions those traces take allow this visual effect.

The idea behind this experiment was to reveal a drawing under a skateboard deck, by sticking some rubber tape according to a skull graphic. By sliding the board many time against a curb, traces appeared. By un-sticking the rubber tape, a skull drawing appeared.

Here again, another attempt to explore the “traces" topic on a skateboard, coated with cement. 2 footprints were made at the place where skater's feet usual stand on the board.
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